Sonipat at a Glance

The District Sonipat come in to existence on December 22, 1972 .It was a part of Rohtak district till December 21,1972. District Sonepat comprises of three sub-divisions namely Ganaur, Sonepat and Gohana and seven blocks (Ganaur, Sonepat, Rai, Kharkhoda, Gohana, Kathura and Mundlana). The Sonipat Police is under the authority of the Haryana Police, Govt. of Haryana. As Sonipat, witnessed fast development, industrial growth, rapid urbanization and increase in population, Sonipat Police was converted from a District Police headed by Superintendent of Police to a Commissionerate of Police headed by Commissioner of Police, not below the rank of Inspector General of Police, on 1st January, 2023. Presently, for purpose of administration, revenue district of Sonipat is divided into three Police Districts, namely Police District East, Police District West, and Police District Gohana, each headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police in the rank of Superintendent of Police.


According to 2001 Census population of the district is 12.788 lacs. The district sex ratio per thousand male to female 839 and density of population per square kilometer of the district is 603. The district population constitutes 6.07% of the state population.  Sonipat is the largest Tehsil in the district followed by Gohana Tehsil. Broadly speaking. The entire district  is a part of the Punjab Plains. Soil of the district is fine foam, sandy & Callar with gradical slop  to the south and west. District may be divided roughly in three Regions namely the Khader, Plain and sandy region. Climate of the district is dry within extremely hot summer and cold winter. The weather becomes comparatively mild during monsoon period July to September. The district experiences high humidity during the monsoon period. The annual rainfall varies considerably from year to year. 



District Sonepat has an area of 2,13,080 Hectare. It lies in the south-east of the State of Haryana , North of the Union Territory of the Delhi and is bounded by the Districts of Rohtak, Jind, Panipat. The District shares an inter-state boundry with district Meerut of Uttar Pradesh. The River Yamuna runs along the eastern boundary of the district and separates it from Uttar Pradesh. It is often believed that Sonipat was one of the five Prasths or towns demanded by Yudhishtara from Dhuryodhana as the price of peace. Another tradition as cripes its foundation to Raja Soni,thirteen in decent from Arjuna,s brother of Yudhishtara . Both these traditions are without substance. There is no mention of Sonipat in Mahabharat although it has been noted much earlier by the great grammarian Panini in his celebrated Ashtadhyayi

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